Marmalade clouds… those afternoons when the clouds take on a soft pink orangey hue… And the dipping light an iridescent orange… turning everything it kisses into a melancholic beauty.

I call them my marmalade clouds. Soft and sticky and sweet with a hint of bitterness. Perhaps. I find it beautiful. Even the numbness of growing up cannot stop me from pausing and admiring the sky.

I feel the same right now. I have waited a very long time to write my first post in this blog, waiting for the perfect happy moment. To represent something new. It isn’t that there weren’t any. It is just that it’s always the sad, the pensive days that make me want to write. Bitter. But I am finally here. To pour out all that I am feeling. The sticky cloudy thoughts that need a place to live. And they are sweet and bitter too. Mostly.