Marmalade Clouds

sticky sweet, and a hint of bitter… the fleeting ethereal world of my marmalade clouds


Inspired by the innumerable About Me pages on the internet, I’d high hopes of showering my self description with snappy, cool adjectives that’ll make me seem more Gen Z like… or whatever is the latest Gen in the market.

But because of my sheer inability to describe who I am or what it is that I do in a catchy manner, the best I can grace this page with is a good dose of self-deprecating fillers…

I am a person mostly found in a confused state, who still wants to ‘discover’ herself even as the years are piling up considerably behind her, who believes that the grass is definitely greener on the other side (perhaps growing vigorously into a prairie) and that the glass on her beloved, and now shabby, IKEA lack table is sometimes half empty but mostly completely empty… who, despite everything just described, is also secretly hopeful and quite harmless.

So hey, thank you for checking out this page. But I need to go back to working on that elevator speech that I have been polishing…


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