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sticky sweet, and a hint of bitter… the fleeting ethereal world of my marmalade clouds


Given that there is as much chances of getting traffic in this little known section of the internet as there was hope of Trump winning the US elections, the reason to even put up a FAQ section will be hard to justify. But win he did. So, pretend we can… even if only to humour me. So, to placate all the questions from the imaginary thousands, let’s get down to answering these all-important FAQs shall we?

  1. What makes you think you need a FAQ page?
    For the same reason kids run amok on a pristine wall with permanent markers, partners cheat and Trump** contested the elections.

    Because I can.

  2. What’s with the trying too hard display name ‘Experimenting with Anonymity’?
    In the last few months I have taken frequent hiatus from Facebook, my primary link to the world of social media. Among other things, I have discovered my narcissistic tendencies creeping in every time I posted a photograph, a news link or even a comment. I say it is narcissistic because my focus after a job done would be on the instant gratification I would anticipate. Even now as I type this, a part of my brain is happy and excited about all the likes and views and comments that I want to get.

    The problem with this approach is that given my laziness with pursuing my creative interests, I do not want to be driven by anticipation or feel beaten down due to a lack/ non-existence of attention from others. I want to be consistent, be it with photography, art or writing, even if I know that there is no one to like, view, comment on them. Hence, the plan is to remain incognito for some time, and muscle my way through my inherent lackadaisical attitude.

    Will this strategy prove anything? Perhaps not, except to myself – that I can still function without expectation. That I will hopefully enjoy the process more than the result. And that hopefully, in this process, I will be able to control my mind, and my actions, better.

    And of course, you can’t deny that it is a darn cool name.

  3. How do you propose to give or get feedback while you are actively experimenting with anonymity?
    That’s a very good question. 

    And as with any reply that begins with that statement, I do not have an answer. In the IT world of things that’s called ‘I-will-get-back-to-you-on-that-one’.

**No I am not a supporter, in case you were wondering.


Keeping all the forced humour aside, I am just another soul trying to (still) explore the creative avenues to find her calling. Photography, Photoshop, dabbling in art with charcoal and acrylics, writing, movies, cooking, pretty things and homes – these are some of the things that interest me.

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